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Transferring from VicWide back into a co-op

An event for all VicWide renters and co-ops in the Greater Geelong area

When:    Friday, 22 September, 2023

Time:      11am – 2pm

Where:   Virginia Todd Hall, 9 Clarence St, Geelong West


Co-ops Directors, this event will give your co-op the opportunity to consider and discuss proposals for accepting the allocation of new properties and new members who are currently in VicWide. Your CDC will be calling you to discuss the event and help you plan your co-op promotion. 


VicWide Renters, this is an opportunity for you to join or re-join a co-op and become part of a co-operative community. By joining a co-op you will have the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, and have greater influence in the management of your property.  


A light lunch will be provided.  

This is a pilot program for the Greater Geelong Area. If you would like to see a similar event in your area, please complete this survey to express your interest. 

Click the button below to register or call CEHL on 1800 353 669 for assistance.

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